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I bought Dan an NBA league pass for ROKU as his early birthday present. I’m really proud of myself for this cause that is an awesome gift and I love giving awesome gifts when I can think of it. When you nail it you nail it.

When I was a kid I used to know every single baseball player, who they played for, and general stats around just about every team, at least in the American League. This because baseball is a life staple for my dad — it was always on in my childhood, in the background, following me outside into the garage and even in the backyard. I still love listening to baseball on the radio. It’s one of the reasons I want a yard of my own — to garden while listening to John Sterling announce a Yankee game.

Anyway, now listening to basketball with Dan is a thing, and it’s nice because whether I like it or not I remember all the players’ names, the rhythm of the games … it just kind of becomes something that flows through a certain season. It’s comforting to have SPROTS on in the background of your life — the crowd, the announcers, the squeak of the sneakers.

Also. Serge Ibaka. Clothed or not. I mean…

  1. illustratedexample said: Make sure as soon as the season ends you cancel the league pass because it auto renews. Deadspin had an article on it today
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