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"A free-form jazz exploration in front of a festival crowd"

The night before that Hairpin essay on Derek Jeter went up, I had a stress dream — not that no one read it, but that people did read it and only two people commented. One told me the essay needed a trigger warning and the other told me to check my privilege. I have finally discovered the purest form of evidence that you have been on tumblr too long.

But anyway, the point is, the comments were actually lovely. A few people shared their own stories. On twitter, as well, I had women tell me about how baseball helped their relationship with their dad, or helped them feel less depressed during a particularly difficult time in their lives.

If you have the time, go back and read the stories in the comments. It was very touching, and it made me feel good. The experience made me even more interested in how we use this crazy curse and gift we call the internet to shout out into a crowd of people, to make contact and know we all silently share something.

I cried real tears when I heard this dog bark. May that noise be on loop in my brain forever.


Yesterday I was walking to have breakfast with my girl yrfriendliz and some of our Denver friends. It was crisp and sunny, and I was wearing black jeans, a leather jacket, boots, and a scarf. I was drinking coffee. It was great.

And then, out of nowhere, a girl on her bicycle goes, “Oh my God is that a pumpkin latte?” in the fakest, mean girl voice. I turned and was like, “what?” And then this guy she was riding with goes, “It’s not that fall sweetie.” And they pedaled off and I was like, what? Whaaaat?

First of all, why are you heckling a stranger walking down the street at 9:45 AM? Second, it is in the fifties, so a jacket and scarf are appropriate articles of clothing. Third, this coffee is as black as my heart, you human duffel bags of dicks. 

So that was the time I got heckled by strangers because apparently, by their standards, I was dressed in an egregiously autumnal outfit.

I told Marianne she should have just yelled, “people like you are ruining this city!!!” but who can think of that at a time like this.


Diphylleia grayi also known as the skeleton flower. The petals turn transparent with the rain.

I get it.

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